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Get the latest training and 3D imaging technology solutions.

Trade Certification Preparation

Prepare for the Wireman’s License and PiRB exams through training with
Master Tradesmen.

Tailor Made Digital Learning

Virtual, augmented, online and project based that delivers tailor-made,
immersive courses that blends technology and practical experience.

3D Imaging Services​

Get 3D scanning, modelling and drone photography within your business.

Trade Certifications Preparation

Start your journey to obtain your trade certifications

Prepare for your wireman’s license, PiRB exams, and other certifications with FOSH. Our comprehensive training program covers all the necessary topics and provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. With experienced instructors and a proven track record, we ensure you are fully prepared for your certification exams.

Immersive Tailored Digital Learning

Learn faster and stay ahead in the field with FOSH.


Experience cutting-edge digital learning with FOSH’s immersive courses. We curate tailor-made training that seamlessly incorporates state-of-the-art technologies. These courses are not only theoretical but are rich in practical exercises, offering hands-on experience that aids in cementing your understanding of a subject. Our expert guidance also ensures you receive personalised support every step of the way.

3D Imaging Services

3D scanning, modeling and drone photography.

Alongside our immersive learning platform, FOSH broadens its services to include 3D modeling, drone photography, and Lidar scanning. These services cater to the evolving needs of education and various industries. Whether crafting intricate virtual models, capturing aerial views via drones, or acquiring accurate, high-res data through Lidar scanning, FOSH is committed to provide solutions that drive innovation and progress.


... SO FAR

We specialise in the development of content, training material and learning experiences for various trades, including plumbing, electrical, bricklaying and more.

By optimizing digital, virtual and online technology and combining this with new age methodologies, we create multi-dimensional and reality-based learning experiences that allows the participant to be successful in the South African and African built environment.

Our collaborative and community-based approach ensures that industry
associations, employers, technical experts, non-governmental organisations and the public sector actively participate in shaping our products and services.

We think

We deliver unique products and services that meet the diversity of our clients.

We stand for

We streamline complex client requirements into measurable deliverables, outputs and outcomes.

We do amazing PROJECTS

Some of our projects include Lecturer capacity building for electrical and plumbing lecturers; Upskilling newly qualified electricians for a complex work environment; Artisan hub incubation; Development of Learning Material and more.

And we do it

We have developed written and interactive assessment material as well as technical learning material within short timeframes.

Over the years, FOSH has created learning, instruction and teaching products and learning experiences for various clients.

  • Learning and Teaching Content Development for Construction and Trades Industries Enhance your workforce with expertly crafted learning and teaching content for the construction, and trades sectors.

  • Curriculum Development for Further and Higher Vocational Learning and Training Elevate vocational learning and training programs with our comprehensive curriculum development services.

  • Textbooks and Training Guides for Selected Industries Access top-notch textbooks and training guides meticulously tailored to specific industries’ needs.

  • Mentorship Models and Alternative Learning Experiences Embrace innovative learning experiences with our mentorship models and alternative educational approaches.

  • Interactive Digital Assessment Interactions and Tools Foster engaged learning through interactive digital assessment tools that deliver real-time feedback.

  • Online, Digital, and Immersive Learning Environments Immerse yourself in cutting-edge online and digital learning environments for an enriched educational journey.

  • Efficient Online Learning Administration Streamline your online learning processes with our effective learning administration solutions.

  • Edu-Gaming for Construction and Trades Experience interactive and educational gaming designed to enhance skills in construction, and trades.

  • Orientation for Digital and Virtual Reality Praxis Discover the potential of digital and virtual reality applications with our expert orientation services.

  • Project-Based Learning and Teaching for Construction and Trades Engage students, lecturers, and facilitators with project-based learning in construction, and trade sectors.

  • Live Streaming for Interactive Educational Sessions Join live-streamed sessions for interactive and dynamic educational experiences.

Working with the best

Get workplace success with FOSH’s learning, instruction, teaching products, learning experiences, and 3D imaging technology solutions.

The ability to merge the context and knowledge of the South African cultural and educational system with technological development, sets FOSH apart from other education service and solution providers.

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